Backyard Mister

Simple, straightforward and low shipping rates for these patio and greenhouse misters.

Q. "What does gph stand for?" A. Gallons per hour. Note that the biggest nozzle dispenses about one and a half gallons per hour (at 30psi).

Q. "Will these misters drip at all?" A. According to the manufacturer, all plastic misters will drip some. As water builds up in the pipe and in the mister itself, the excess water will drip, rather than mist, from the misting orifice. Also, as the mist forms on the outside of the mister, it, too, will eventually create a drip. By installing away from furniture and your seating area (i.e. around the perimeter of the area being cooled), you may not find the dripping to be problematic.

Q. "Why do some of the misters come with a mesh filter?" A. With misters the nozzles need to be very small, so filtration ahead of the nozzles is very important. Please note that these removable strainers will need to be cleaned periodically. For misters that do not have a mesh filter, we highly recommend that you install a filter ahead of them in line.

Q. "Do you offer brass misters?" A. We have been "in the business" of selling misters since we started. We used to offer brass misters but found that customer satisfaction was much greater with the above quality plastic misters. There are misters and then there are misters. Brass misters generally are durable but our customers seem most satisfied with top quality, reliable misters that dont clog very easily. Our plastic misters tend to clog less than all brass misters that we have tested and sold. We are not saying that the misters that we sell wont clog. They will over time as all misters (no matter what type and no matter what brand) will. We are saying that ours tend to clog less than brass ones.

Q. "I bought a kit elsewhere and now need just a few misters to repair it. Will your misters work/fit?" A. Possibly. The inlet on the top three are 1/8" standard thread and this size is the most common size sold in kits. We do not know if ours will fit, so please check the size locally with someone that knows sizing. Maybe take one to a hardware or plumbing store and ask if your misters are 1/8" standard thread.

Q. "What are the spacing/installation recommendations?" A. Misters should be at least 10 above the ground and be spaced at about 2 intervals.

Q. "Why dont you offer mister kits with everything included?" A. We dont think that kits satisfy many people, and we do not wish to offer them. You can buy as many misters as you like with us, and you can add more later. Just buy PVC or poly tubing and install the misters.